The adoption of the HST in the residential cleaning industry will destroy thousands of legitimate jobs and reduce government revenues by driving the industry into the underground economy. Something can and should be done..

Supporting Documents and Reports

Residential Cleaning Service Industry Residential Cleaning Service Industry Overview
PwC 2010 Federal Budget Submission 2010 PricewaterhouseCoopers Federal Budget Submission – Budget 2010 considerations for the federal government addressing tax proposals for the underground residential cleaning industry.
1999 Ernst & Young report 1999 Ernst & Young Report - Report Commissioned by the Federal Government of Canada, Department of Finance - Identifying recommendations to address the competitive inequity in the residential cleaning industry as a result of the GST.
1994 Standing Committee on Finance 1994 Standing Committee on Finance - Review and assessment of alternatives for GST as it relates to the residential cleaning industry.
Council Directive 2006/112/EC EC Council Directive 2006/112/EC - Outlines provisions for particular labour - intensive services, including residential housecleaning.
Council Directive 2009/47/EC EC Council Directive 2009/47/EC - Authorizing member states to apply reduced VAT rates for labour intensive industries.
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